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15 Amazingly Simple Ways to Save a Dollar a Day

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Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult.  By making a few minor adjustments to your daily life, you can easily save a dollar a day.  Most involve just minor adjustments to your daily life (no giving up that Starbucks!)

1. Cut Cable

Cable prices have been increasing at 4 times the rate of inflationCutting cable and switching to all streaming is an easy way to save money and not miss your favorite shows.

Daily Savings ~$2

 2. Stream a Song for Free

Instead of buying music on iTunes, try streaming it on Pandora.  You could also put your Amazon Prime Membership to use and use Prime Music.

Daily Savings $1.29

3. Buy a Tall Starbucks Instead of a Grande

Love your daily Starbucks?  No need to stop just to save money.  Instead just downgrade from a Grande to a Tall.  Based on their average menu prices you can easily save $1/day.

Daily Savings ~$1.20

 4. Pack Your Lunch

There’s no shame in brown bagging it.  While everyone is out to eat, you’ll be saving money.  Recent estimates show that eating out costs around $11 per meal.  If you make your own lunch, you can save a considerable amount each day.

Daily Savings ~$4-$5

5. Properly Inflate Your Car Tires

Most people don’t realize buy your tire pressure plays a big role in your MPG.  Properly inflating your tires is a quick and easy way to save some extra money.

Daily Savings ~$1.18

 6. Pay Your Bills Online

Most banks offer the ability to pay all of your bills online.  Every bill you pay online, it’s one less stamp you need to use.

Savings $.49 per bill

 7. Skip the Appetizer or Dessert When Dining Out

90% of Americans don’t care to cook, which helps explain the increase in people dining out.  Going out for dinner is definitely more expensive than cooking your own meals, but even if you dine out a lot you can still save.  Next time you go out, skip the appetizer or dessert you usually get.  Or try getting water instead of a drink.

Savings ~$4-6 per meal

8. Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat 1 degree can save you $10/month.  Turn it down (winter) or up (summer) 3 degrees and you’ll save about a $1/day.

Daily Savings $1

9. Skip the Bottled Water

Most people can’t tell the difference between bottled water and tap water.  So, save yourself some money and skip the brand name water.

Daily Savings $1-$2

 Saving a little each day can add up to significant savings. These are 15 easy ways to save.

10. Drop Your Landline

More and more people are getting rid of their landlines in favor of cellphones.  When you look at the average monthly cost it makes sense.  Landlines cost an average of $15-$30 per month.

Daily Savings $.50 – $1

11. Home Gym

Tired of paying for those expensive gym memberships? Try moving your workouts outdoors or to your home.  There’s a lot of workouts you can do without costly equipment.

Daily Savings ~$1.30 – $1.60

12. Go to a Matinee Movie

I love going to the movies, but tickets are SO expensive!  One easy way to save it go earlier in the day.  Discounts vary by theater, but seeing a matinee is cheaper than going at night.

Savings at Least $1 per Movie

13. Skip the Movie Theater Snacks

While we’re talking about saving money at the movies, try skipping the expensive snacks.  A large tub of popcorn can cost around $8.  Downsizing or skipping it altogether can add up to some big savings.

Savings ~$8 per Movie

14. Buy Used

Like movies, the price of other items, like video games and electronics seems to increase each year.  Luckily people get bored with their games or upgrade phones every year, which provides you a great way to save.  Instead of buying games new, buy them used.  Places like eBay or GameStop can offer great value.  Also, wait until clothes are out of season and stores are offering great discounts.

Savings at Least $1 per Item

 15. Carpooling to Work

Driving your car costs about $0.50 – $0.78 per mile when you factor in the price of fuel and maintenance.  With the average commute being 15 miles each way the savings add up quick.

Daily Savings ~ $15 – $23

Looking for even more ways to earn some extra money?  Check out over 35 ways to earn money online in your spare time.


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Paula Wesson, RDN

Wow. I didn’t know what a difference 1 degree makes on the thermostat.