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Joe & his wife hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains

Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joe.

I guess you could say I’m an accountant (although not the Ben Affleck kind), but that’s just my day job. I’m also an avid reader, a fan of pop culture, and lover of classic movies – Inception and Transformers to name a few!

But seriously, at my core, I have a real passion for learning. I guess that’s why I’m always tinkering or experimenting with something new. You can ask my wife about all of the crazy ideas I come up with (she’ll probably tell you this blog is one of them). Once I get an idea lodged in my head, it just won’t let me go until I’ve seen it through.

The idea for this blog has been rattling around in my head for some time now. Every few months, the thought would bubble to the surface again, until one day I decided it was time to turn the idea into reality.

While being an accountant does give me a solid understanding of finance and numbers, I see this blog as about more than money and finances. I view it as a place for growth and learning about life and success because when you really think about it, why do we all really want money? So that we can feel successful and live our lives to the fullest. I hope I can help you live your fullest life, too.

My Mission

As someone born in the 1980s, I know how difficult it can be growing up today and trying to manage your money. The world is changing as rapidly as ever and the old ideas about managing your money just don’t cut it anymore.

The idea of finding one job and turning it into a long, prosperous career? Gone! People are changing jobs more than ever, both voluntarily and involuntarily, due to the changing economic landscape.

The idea that only brokers and financial advisors have access to quality financial information? Gone! Thanks to the internet, information has become commoditized. Now average investors can learn everything they need to know with a quick Google search.

Plus, we’ve lived through the Great Recession. If you’re anything like me, seeing how quickly the world changed has given you a healthily dose of financial skepticism.

Because of this, the way we handle our finances needs to change, but it hasn’t. While we have access to so much information, it can be difficult to find answers that are relevant to today’s environment. That’s my mission-to bring about the next generation of finance, one that’s build for today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven world. I’m here to simplify topics and answer questions about investing, saving, starting a side business, or buying a home. So join me on my journey to bring personal finance into the 21st century and to help you regain control of your money and build lasting wealth.


Besides living with my wife, we have a dog (Loki) and a cat (Cas).  Since people love pictures of animals, I’ve included a few pictures of them.  And yes, they do have their own Instagram.  It’s amazing how well they type for only having paws!

Joe's cat Cas