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Top Courses to Teach Yourself Data Science and Machine Learning

top data science courses
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Data science, data analytics, big data.  All these terms are major buzz words right now.  Data science deals with everything from data mining to artificial intelligence, so it makes sense it’s one of the highest paying professions today.

Because the field is still so new, not many universities offer degrees yet.  This is great because it means you don’t need to pay those crazy high tuition rates to learn.

I’ve recently started using Udemy to learn more about data analytics and managing big data.

Here are some of the best courses I’ve found that will teach you the skills you need to be a data scientist.

I am an affiliate for Udemy, so if you purchase any course through these links I may be compensated.  It will be at no additional cost to you.  In fact, if you use these links you’ll save around 70-80% off of the list price!


data science and big data analytics

Data Science, Deep Learning, & Machine Learning with Python

This course is made for those who aren’t necessarily technically inclined.  The instructor has over 9 years experience working at Amazon and IMDb.  Plus you get access to the courses exclusive Facebook group.

R Programming

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R

R is one of the main languages used to visualize data.  This course has over 17 hours of content to teach you how to use R for data analysis and machine learning algorithms.

neural networks and artificial intelligence

Deep Learning A-Z: Hands-On Artifical Neural Networks

Neural networks are a key component of artificial intelligence.  Self-driving cars are possible because of them.  This course covers everything you need to know to take machine learning to the next level.

r programming

Introduction to R

R programming skills are important when it comes to data visualization and statistics.  Learn the basics of the R language with this course.

data scientist skills and machine learning

Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science

With 40+ hours of content, if you only buy one course on Data Science, make it this one.  By incorporating both R and Python, this course has everything you need to quickly analyze large sets of data or build robust machine learning models.

python programming

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Learning to program with Python is great for data analysis, but it’s also a great programming language to learn in general.  This Bootcamp will teach you to harness Python to create decision trees, linear regressions, and machine learning algorithms.

python programming language

Python Masterclass

Python is a great computer programming language to learn for beginners.  You can use it to build simple applications to automate manual tasks or complex web applications.  It’s also a key language in data science.

python language for beginners

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

If you’re like me, you like to learn with hands-on experience.  If that’s the case, this is the course you need to learn how to program in Python.  With over 20 hours of content, you’ll go from beginner to pro by building 10 Python applications.

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