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4 Productivity Tips Bloggers Need to Know

top productivity tips for bloggers
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This week’s guest post comes from Sonja over at Upbeat Impulse, where she writes about positivity, happiness, and self-improvement.

I stepped into bloggers’ world unprepared for what was going to happen. The idea was to dedicate only one hour each day to my blog, and do other business duties the rest of the day. I wrongly assessed the amount of needed time for my blog to be set up and maintained. It was way above one hour per day.

I felt overwhelmed, but yet not discouraged enough to give up my blog. I really love the fact that I can share my thoughts and values with others. I am not only the owner and the writer of my blog, but also I do all the marketing tasks, define a blog strategy, and learn SEO along the way. It’s really hard to coordinate those activities, besides your other daily tasks. I learned that good organization and great time management skills are keys to success.

So, here are some productivity tips I consider as valuable:

Define long-term goals first and decompose them to weekly and daily tasks

Start from your vision, and convert it into achievable, relevant, and measurable goals. Then define short-term daily and weekly goals. Define a specific group of actions or tasks that lead to daily and weekly goal completion. Write down each of them in your planner, so that you can know what to do each day. It will help you have a clearer focus, and you won’t feel overwhelmed and confused as you did before. A planner will help you clarify your thoughts, and complete your tasks in a defined time.

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Boost your effectiveness with online productivity apps

There are many great apps on the internet that can help you increase your productivity. I want to keep my notes tidy, and at one place, so I love using this kind of app. You can save to-do lists, short drafts, enter some random ideas, or even track your progress with some of them. They are great for bloggers.

Get used to multitasking and improve your time management skills

If you’re the only person who’s in charge of your blog, you have to be really quick and efficient. You need to think and act fast. So, you need to get used to doing different tasks simultaneously. For example, when I do social media postings, I am considering some ideas for my next blog posts. Or, if I read other blogs, I try to memorize what I like about them and try to implement that later, whether it is a new widget, some changes in my blog design, or a different marketing strategy. Be open-minded and ready to process the information that comes from different sources; it can pay off.

Maintain good focus and concentration

A clear focus and good concentration are essential to bloggers. But if you’re overwhelmed with some tedious and repetitive daily tasks, it’s easy to lose the clarity. Declutter your mind, and focus only on essential and most important goals. Also, if you classify your task by two criteria: urgency and importance, you can allocate your time and effort to the most important and urgent ones, and you can postpone the rest.

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